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Wrapped shawls

The new wrapped shawls are versatile pieces of wearable art, created from colorful kimono silks, vintage textiles, rayons and linens. Worn a variety of ways, they are lightweight and perfect for evening and travel 

Antique Kantha Cloth & aqua rayon with buttons  

$325  sold

Autumn leaf kimono & black rayon $250

Floral vine kimono, terracotta rayon $265  sold

Kyoto kimono & indigo $265  sold 

Gray mist & blush rayon   

$245  sold

Autumn leaf kimono & black rayon  

$250  sold

Men's kimonos & gray linen $265   sold

Persimmon Kimono silk & shibori $250  sold

Yellow kimono with red strip silk

$275  sold

Vintage linen & coral rayon

with buttons


Vintage linen & natural linen

with buttons


Kimono silk, shibori & rayon

with buttons


Silk screened silk with Kimono silk border

with buttons

$285  sold

Shoji kimono silk & blush rayon


 I am always searching for new textile inspiration and can send you images of pieces that are currently available.  The length is flexible depending on your height and all fabric is washed and dried before construction.  

Floral kimono & black and gray rayon

$255  sold

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